About the editors:

Amabel Kylee Síorghlas, MFA, resides in Central Vermont. Her work (some under her given name “Kyle Lee Cushman” or transition name “Kylee Mabel Cushman”) has appeared in The Rough Road Review, Opium Magazine, and Fiction Daily, as well as in the anthologies Writers and Artists Do Sleep (Red Claw Press), Wild Things (Outrider Press), and Our Last Walk: Using Poetry for Grieving and Remembering Our Pets (University Professors Press). She has also published a range of nonfiction articles. Amabel is a developmental editor and writing coach for national and international writers in many genres, including nonfiction, poetry, fiction and science fiction. She teaches composition and literature courses as an adjunct professor. Amabel plays in a string band and loves to garden, hike, and do little craft projects. She practices yoga and meditation and spends time simply observing the ever-changing, ever-active natural world.

Jaquelyn Ziegler Fernandez Rieke is actually still named Stephanie Jacqueline Rieke until she gets over to the courthouse to finalize her nomeformation. She is a cultural entrepreneur, poet, philosopher and mathematician raised in Chicago. She found home in Central Vermont in 2003 where she created Nutty Steph’s chocolate and granola factory and nuttystephs.com, which has served the artisan food market for over 15 years, employing people with a diversity of abilities, and eventually transforming into a 100% Employee Owned Cooperative with democratic operations. She also homesteads 23 acres of land at her second business, Onion River Campground, onionrivercampground.com. The campground serves travelling campers, seasonal campers, festivals, weddings, thru-hikers and swimmers. For both organizations, Jaquelyn serves as copywriter and evolver of their respective evolving social missions.